My approach and therefore Equerapy's, is pluralistic. Simply put, although my core practice is in the Person-Centered (client led) way of working, I also find that sometimes in client work there is no one size fits all therapy. With that in mind, i'm keenly aware I may have to add in other ways of working in order to best meet a client's needs.

I've chosen to combine my core practice of Person-Centered (client led) ways of working with Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL).

You may of heard of Equine Therapy or therapy with the aid of horses. However, EFL is wider in scope than traditional Equine Therapy as it is not solely therapy based. EFL can be performance based, therapy based and much more. Therefore EFL by itself offers a variety of tools and ways of tackling client needs.

The L in EFL or the learning is what would otherwise be the therapy in counselling except, you are learning about yourself, the way you interact in the wider world around you, how you interact with others, how you percieve others and situations, how you present to others, how your world may differ from the wider world. You will also learn how your thoughts, feelings and emotions all play a part in these interactions, how you feel, how you might want to feel differently. Most importantly you will experience a different way of being, in the moment. A different way of being in the moment with the support of your equine counterpart and myself the facilitator you will learn all you need in those sessions to be able to take what you have learned with you and apply it to your life outside of our sessions together.

The strength of EFL, is in the experiential learning, live, genuine, judgement free, in the moment feedback from your equine counterpart. It can often be a profound experience, for this reason it is said that one session of EFL is as effective as six traditional counselling sessions in the chair.

I've found through experience and client work my pluralistic approach to be very effective with a variety of client needs, especially when working in my chosen specialisms of Anxiety, Anxiety disorders, Trauma, PTSD, Stress and Depression.

If you have mental health needs or would simply like to work on your self development, reach out today for the support you need.

I look forward to working with you,

Many thanks,

Kai Manchester BA (Hons) - Equerapy

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